Race Schedule Update

Hi All, we have decided to make a change to our race schedule for this season.  We had originally suggested an optional race on 1/15 at Gunstock but for a number of reason we are not going to go to that race (the U12/14 team is not going either).  We are instead going to go to Loon on 1/22 for an open GS race.  Its a good hill and closer than Gunstock and should be fun.  This race is still optional (as are all races) but I would encourage all 2nd year U10’s to go and anyone else who is excited about attending a “real” race.  So if you signed up for Gunstock on the 15th you can notify the race administrator that you want to pull your child from the race and they will refund your registration.

If your child does not want to race or you have a conflict with an older child racing at the Skinner Cup at Sunapee on the 22nd don’t worry about not going.  All of these changes are reflected on the U10 Calendar.  Below is a summary of the USSA races we plan to attend and that you should sign up for.  Please let me know your plans for Loon.

1/22 – GS at Loon

1/28 – U10 Kombi at Sunapee

3/19 – Cote Open at Ragged

3/25 – T-shirt race at Sunapee

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