Plans for Jan 16 and 17

Sorry for the long post but its full of good info so please read the entire message. Despite the rain on Sunday we had a fantastic first weekend at the Skiway and the kids and coaches really started to gel as a team.  Looking ahead to this weekend we will be at the Skiway both days from 9am-1pm.  Couple important reminders.

  1. Please be ready to ski at 9am (Boots on, outside in front of the lodge, lift ticket on).  If you’re late please wait at the bottom of the Winslow lift until we come around after our first run.  Once they open Holts it will be hard to find us as we could go either way so the best bet is to arrive 5 minutes sooner than you think to give yourself a little extra time.
  2. Kids need to know where their skis and lunch are once you leave them with us.  Plan to not see your child until 1pm and be sure they know where their stuff is (my mom has it does not count).  We will take at least one long break around 11am and most kids eat lunch at this time.  We use a lot of energy so everyone should bring plenty of healthy food to eat (a water bottle is a good idea as well).
  3. This weekend will feel a lot more like winter with cold and even some snow forecasted!!  It is important that your child’s helmet, goggles, and face mask fit properly without any large gaps (forehead showing for example).  I have always felt that a proper fitting helmet and goggle combination is a good investment because if the kids are warm they will be happy.

Looking ahead we will have our first race on Saturday January 30th.  Unfortunately there are two events on the same day so we will need to choose.

  1. The first is the U10 Kombi race at Sunapee.  This is a USSA sanctioned, U10 only race, and is the race I would like most kids to attend.  A kombi starts as a GS course then transitions to a SL course then back to GS.  Your child needs a USSA membership and registration is online at (see previous post for more details).  Last year this is a very well run race and will feature most of the kids in other clubs that we will be racing for years to come.
  2. The second is the Masters of the Mt race at Whaleback.  This event features a short GS course and a scored freestyle/jump component (two separate runs).  Most of the DEVO team will be at this race and it is a non USSA race and no preregistration is required.  If your child is a first year U10 and has never competed in ANY race or is very hesitate to go to a race this is a good option.  Suicide 6 is holding a similar event in February that the entire U10 team will attend so don’t worry about missing this type of event.

Thanks for reading the whole thing.  Let me know if you have any questions.


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