March details

Yes its hard to believe but we only have three weekends left and they should be a blast.

This Saturday we will combine forces with the DEVO and U12 teams for some dual panel slalom training and racing fun.  This weekend is the state championships for the U12s and U14s and many of our coaches will be there cheering their kids on so we will be a little short handed.  If you are willing to help out with lugging gates and helping set the course look for Bruce Sacerdote and Cornelia Purcell first thing in the morning.  Sunday is an official off day.

March 14th and 15th – we will be at the Skiway both days.  Sunday the 15th is the Tecnica Winter Finish GS on Wardens.  We did a little training this past Sunday on the same trail and based on what I saw the kids are going to rip it up.

March 21st and 22nd – We have two great race options for this weekend.  On the 21st there is the t-shirt race at Sunapee.  This is a fun and festive year end race.  At this point I am not planning on sending coaches in an official capacity but I am sure we will have some folks there who will be willing to point kids in the right direction.  On the 22nd we have the Cote Open at Ragged Mt.  This will be our last official event of the season and has historically been a great race.  If you’re up for it and your kids are into it do both but if you only choose one I would lean towards the Cote Open.  More details to come and as always let me know if you have any questions.


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