Cannon Details

Hi all, for those of you going to Cannon here are the details.  If you are not going to Cannon we will start at 9am as usual at the Skiway.  We will only have one coach (Geoff Curtis) at Cannon and are expecting a small group, the rest of us will be at the Skiway.  Should be great weather and conditions at either location.

Meet Geoff and Chris Clapp (DEVO head coach) at 8am at Ernies’ Haus which is the Franconia Ski Club race building – this IS NOT the regular lodge. Ernie’s is accessed through the Echo Lake Parking area, off Exit 34C of Rt. 93. Do your best with parking, but DO NOT park in front of dumpsters or parking spots that say they are reserved please.  Also note that there is not a cafeteria at this location so either plan to bring food or eat at the other lodges when out skiing which is easy to do.

Plan to start skiing at 8:30, so PLEASE try to arrive by 8am which means leaving the Upper Valley about 6:45 latest. It depends a touch on where you live in the area, but I drive their often and always find the best way up Rt. 91 north to Woodsville/Wells River exit, then Rt. 10 north and up and over Sugar Hill.


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