Jan 31st Update

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Sunapee yesterday.  What a perfect winter day! The kids had a great time and it was a great experience even if the Sunapee coaches pulled a last minute audible and threw the original plan out the window.  However the fresh snow, bigger mountain, and longer runs were just what we needed.  Looking ahead to this coming weekend we have two options and I would like everyone to let me know which one they plan to attend so we can be sure we have enough coaches at each event.

Sunapee U10 Kombi – this is an official USSA race open to U10’s with a USSA membership only.  If your child is eager to participate in races this year, and you have purchased a USSA membership, and plan to attend other USSA races later this season this is the race your child should attend.  A kombi starts out as a giant slalom course then transitions to a slalom course and then back to giant slalom.  We had a training course for this today and everyone seemed to like it.  Pre-registration is required and is easy to do on alpinereg.com

Whaleback masters of the mountain – this is an “open” race meaning you do not need to have a USSA membership to enter.  This is a low key event designed for kids who are either too young (DEVO will be going to this) or on the fence about racing in the more formal USSA events.  If you have not purchased a USSA membership and your child is not sure about the whole racing thing this would be a great event to attend.  The day will consist of one panel slalom run and one freestyle (jumps) run.  Registration is the day of the race and the cost is $20 which includes lift tickets but I need to send them a roster in advance so please let me know if you are planning to have your child attend.

I will send out more details later this week.  Should be a great time regardless of which event you choose.  Bring on the SNOW!


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