Sunapee here we come

Hi all,  I just wanted to provide you with some more details for our plans the next two weekends as we are coming into the middle of the season when things start to get busy.  You can check out the U10 google calender as well which is found on the FS website.  Also this might be a good week to either tune your child’s skis or have them tuned if you do not know how (more on tuning later).

Saturday Jan 24th – we are going to Sunapee for a skills day with their U10 team.  There is no per-registration required for this and they will offer a special ticket deal for us of I believe $25 for an athlete and $50 for parent or sibling.  this is basically a big mt day with the training and drills with the Sunapee team.

Sunday Jan 25th – we will be at the Skiway with regular training hours of 9am-1pm and will specifically be running a kombi course to prepare for their next race.  Try this youtube link to see what a kombi race looks like.

Saturday Jan 31st – back to Sunapee for the U10 Kombi race.  This is an official USSA race and per-registarion is required.  Go to to find the race and register your athlete (USSA membership is required).  There is also the Masters of the Mountain race at Whaleback on the same day that DEVO will attend but the Kombi is a better event for the U10s.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Sunday Feb 1st – sleep in Sunday!  we are going to take the day off to give everyone a little break.

Please feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions

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