Weekend Plans and race results

First I wanted to congratulate everyone who participated in the race at Gunstock this past weekend.  There were spectacular crashes, missed gates, late starts, freezing toes, as well as great finishes and trophies awarded to a number of our racers.  Best of all I think everyone had fun so welcome to ski racing! Special congratulations to Sam Sacerdote, Zander Doyle, and Schuyler Clapp who placed 2-3-4 in the boys U10 class and Ashley Cotter who placed 6th and was Ford Sayres top U10 girl.

This weekend we will be back at the Skiway both days and will continue our progression including adding a little more time in gates each weekend.  Saturday looks to be cold but warming up for Sunday.  There is a good chance that Holts will be open this weekend so it is even more important that everyone arrive on time because we could be on either lift to start the morning from this point forward.

Looking ahead to the following weekend we have been invited to Sunapee for a skills quest day which is essentially a big mt day with the Sunapee ski team.  I will keep you posted with details as I get them.

Ski fast and have fun


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