Details for this weekend

On Saturday we will ski from 9am-1pm as usual and will continue our progression and focus on stance, balance, and use of poles.  On Sunday the team will split with some of our athletes heading over to Gunstock for their first race of the season and others staying back at the Skiway for our first exposure to gates for the season.  Some important details for Sunday below:

Skiway – meet as usual at 9am ready to ski.  We will have a brush course for the first part of the morning and then a GS course on lower Thomas from 11-1pm.

Gunstock Racers (thanks to coach BD for the insight)

1) Race registration and ski club is far to the lookers right (a long walk) it is sometimes nice to bring a sled (or a Sherpa) for gear to and from the car.
2) Gunstock is 1.5hrs from UV driving…Plus the 15min walk to the ski club.
3) Arrive 7:30am (yes 6am departure, welcome to ski racing), register, dress and meet coaches (BD, Geoff, and Toby) at base of the Tiger Triple chair at 8:30am ready to ski.
4) Tubing goes until 4pm so plenty of time for that after the second run!
5) Race trail is Tiger.
6) Bring food. It is a long walk to food.
7) Bring USSA card in case they need to see it at registration.
8) Write your name and (FS) on everything you bring.

And most importantly HAVE FUN and enjoy the day!

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