Xmas camp recap

December was an eventful month of skiing with almost every condition possible from warm soft snow, some fresh natural snow, ice coating under the snow guns, freezing cold bullet proof, and perfect groomed machine made snow.  We will see snow turning to rain over night so it will be another interesting day tomorrow.  Please remember that skiing is an individual sport so if your child is not up for skiing in the rain or the cold or they are just tired and want to sleep in that is ok.

Over our camp we worked on being sure our u10 athletes have a good skiing foundation to build upon.  This includes a good athletic stance, proper use of poles, and good turn shape and edging.  the primary tool we use is mileage mixed in with simple drills.  Coaches are always trying to use the terrain and conditions on any given day to help teach a particular skill.  For example hitting jumps and doing tricks along with skiing over the snow making whales is a great balance and stance drill.  Ripping big GS turns helps us with stance and edge control.  Short snappy turns helps us with our upper body and pole plants.  We have also been working on safe skiing and skier etiquette on the hill, like reading information signs that help us stay safe while we are skiing.  Once we have a good skiing foundation will will start introducing some simple courses with gates which we plan to do next Sunday.

I hope that everyone is having fun because that is our number one goal at this age.  As always if you have any specific questions or concerns please let me know.

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