U10 Races and Schedule

As a U10 athlete your kids are now eligible to enter USSA sanctioned races or “real races” as the kids call them.  In years past our traditional first race was always the Cote Open at Ragged Mt.  This race is still on the schedule but it has been pushed into March so it may end up being one of our last races of the season instead.  Please remember that ski racing is an individual sport and at this level some kids may want to attend more races than others.  I have put together a list of races below along with suggestions on who should attend.  As you will see we are building to a big finish with a bunch of events in March.  All of these races require a USSA Youth Membership and pre-registration (check out http://www.nhara.org/ for links to online registration for each race).  In addition we hope to be invited to other “open races” like in years past at Suicide 6, or Whaleback and I will put those on the schedule as soon as I heard about them.

Dec. 29th GS at Crotched Mt – this is a VERY early season race and I am not really recommending it to anyone.  However the U12’s and U14’s are going so if your child is a 2nd year U10, and has an older sibling going to the race already, and REALLY wants to race, it is a pretty easy hill so feel free to give it a try.

Jan. 11th SL at Cannon – we are planning to have a Big Mt Day at Cannon on this date as the U12’s and U14’s will be in this race.  This is not an easy hill but again if your child is a 2nd year U10 and really wants to give it a try there is a U10 division.

Jan. 31st Kombi at Sunapee – plan is for everyone to attend this event.

March 15th Tecnica Winter Finish GS Skiway – home hill race, recommended for everyone.

March 21st T-Shirt Race Sunapee – dual panel event and tailgating, recommended for everyone

March 22nd Cote Open Ragged Mt – dual panel, great hill, recommended for everyone

March 29th Mug Cup Kombi Crotched Mt – recommended for everyone who is not sick of racing or skiing at this point.

Any questions please feel free to send me an email sross@lymetimber.com

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