Sunapee T-Shirt Race — Pot luck BBQ

It looks like we have a healthy Ford Sayre contingent for the Sunapee T-Shirt race on Saturday. As I have mentioned to newcomers this is more of a beach party with a race attached to it than a high pressure ski competition. But of course since winter is hanging on with both hands and feet this weekend may not be super spring like either.

Regardless Ford Sayre will base out of our compound “On the Beach” at Mount Sunapee. This is a stretch of real estate just up the hill from the Spruce Lodge and near the base of the NASTAR hill (Eggbeater trail). Geoff Curtis is prepping for his early morning arrival to grab prime tent space by setting his body clock 6 hours ahead while working in Bavaria today.

Look for the black Marker/Volkl pop up tent. There is no formal course inspection at this race as they keep kids off the race hill prior to the event to preserve the snow, but the kids can hook up with their friends at the tent and check out the course from a safe distance. Bib pick up is between 7am and 9am, and the race will start at 9:30am with U10 girls. The course is short and everything happens FAST with between 300 and 400 kids racing. They will ski one side of the dual GS in the morning and the other either later in the morning or in the early afternoon. Kids should also plan on checking out next year’s equipment as most ski manufacturers will be represented. Please let you kids know that the ethics of demo skis is to try to stuff for a run or two, not make it yours for the day.

Down at the tent we’ll have tables, a grill (for you to bring your own grillables), and space for people to share communal sides, snacks, desserts,  and drinks. We’re not going to formalize things and assign stuff out, if you just bring something share along with your own main course it usually works out well.

Bring your own chairs, and we’ll see you Saturday!

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