Ski Models Wanted

A photographer with whom I frequently work is looking for a “family” to serve as models for a ski and lifestyle photo shoot at Jiminy Peak this coming Friday (yes, this week). The “family” he shoots does not need to be an actual family, but needs to include a male and female adult as well as two kids (or more) between the ages of 6 and 13. He could likely find a spare “Dad” or “Mom” if the family needs one.
Rob Bossi is one of the leading outdoor action photographers in our part of the world and is fun to work with. He’s not looking for expert skiers, but all skiers need to be comfortable on snow and like to smile. He has a budget of $500 for all his models and Jiminy Peak will put people up on Thursday night if models don’t want a really long day of driving on Friday. I believe Friday’s shoot will also include time on their Mountain Coaster
If you would be interested in finding out more, please contact Rob directly at 603-748-9379 or
You can see some of Rob’s work at
The Schiffman, Curtis, Clapp, and Perras families (among others) have taken part in Rob’s shoots in the past.
If you have friends who live closer to that part of the world, feel free to share this message with them.

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