B-Net Balooza

Hey everyone–

Have you ever stopped to ponder the red netting that lines the side of the race trail?  It’s called B-Netting, and it’s an incredibly valuable safety mechanism that keeps racers on the trail if they ever veer out of control. And yes,  it gets set up and taken down every winter. And tomorrow is the day it ALL needs to come down. After the race the course crew, coaches, and any volunteers we can grab will be taking it down and rolling it up. If you have free hands, we’d love to get your help. As they say, “Many hands makes light work.” And without help it can be an epic venture. Exact time of the operation has not been set, but it will be after the race. Just check in at the finish or look up the hill to see if it’s starting to happen and please lend a hand if you can.


The coaches

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