Tecnica Winter Finish Saturday — Full Details

Hi everyone–

So we now have the final details for the race at the Skiway on Saturday, and similar to what I previously posted with a nice twist or two. First the U10s will have both runs in the morning and we’ll finish at the bottom of Worden’s. The start will be midway down the hill. Unfortunately parents cannot ski on the race hill to watch, but you can watch from the bottom or hike up the side of the course….and you can even get a nice view from the porch of the lodge!

We will meet at 8:15 to inspect the course.

The first run will start at 9:30am

The 2nd run for U10s will start at 11;30 — ON THE SAME COURSE

So there is no need to go back up to inspect a 2nd time. In between runs kids can free-ski and it will be THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to meet us the race start at 11:20.

The 2nd run for U12/14 group will be at 1:30 and we are hoping to have the awards at 2:30 or 2:25.

The Ford Sayre organizing team is putting together a buffet picnic lunch for the team with people bringing different items to fill it out. Please check out the following Google doc spreadsheet and see if you can add something to the mix!


Karen Seltzer wrote:

We are organizing a slope side/race shack Lunch Buffet for our end of season Tecnica Winter Finish at the Skiway this Saturday!

I’m planning to set up food tables outside the race shack depending on the weather.  We’re concentrating on lunch only, no breakfast items, so early morning set-up not as important. Willing hands, however, as our racers inspect the course would be much appreciated.

Please look at attached google spreadsheet and sign up for something to bring.  Trying to keep it simple and labor light – food prep done at home.  While at Skiway, watch, ski, eat, drink and chat….

Don’t forget some chairs and sunscreen – dependent on weather.  Can always move some things into the race shack!!!

Salads, and sandwiches – no grill at this time – remember labor free and no electricity.  It’s supposed to be spring – it’s salad and sandwich time!!!

If you have a tailgate tent – please email me and we can get that set-up early morning.

And, as always, please label your dish ware and pick up at end of day.  There’s already a large pile of our kids stuff in the race shack – don’t need to add to it!

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