March 15 Tecnica Winter Finish GS — Our Last Day!

Hi all–

Our last official day is the USSA Tecnica Winter Finish GS at the Skiway on Saturday. (Many FS skiers will go to later USSA races — like the Sunapee T-Shirt Race, but this is our last official on snow activity) It’s a USSA race, so you need to enter your skier via (Deadline NOON ON WEDNESDAY) The race will be on Worden’s — with the U10s racing the lower half down to the bottom. (At least that is the current plan).

We’ll plan on meeting at the bottom of the lift 8:20 to inspect the course. There will be one run in the morning and one run in the afternoon with a break in the middle to reset the course and for us to inspect the 2nd course. This race will give kids a taste of what life will be like as a U12 in future years!

We hope to see you all there!

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