February 8 & 9 — Whaleback and the Skiway

Hi everyone–

This weekend we will start with a fun multi-skill event at Whaleback on Saturday and be back at the Skiway on Sunday at the normal time and place.

Saturday is the 4th annual Masters of the Mountain Event at Whaleback .  The event combines one run of slalom with a small bump contest or slopestyle run. We love this event because our Ford Sayre kids get a rare opportunity to get some air and/or hit the moguls. This year the organizers are gearing the event towards first-time competitors, but are planning to have a USSA/NHARA/VARA division for Ford Sayre U10s and other kids who also compete in formal races. We will go ahead pre-register all the Ford Sayre U10 skiers — and they will all be in the “U10 racer” division. On Saturday you just need to show and pay the entry fee.

Registration is from 8-8:45. (Please bring cash).

Entry Fee for Athletes: $20

Parent/Family tickets: $20 each

The coaches will meet athletes at 8:55 to in front of the Lodge and head up to check out the mogul/slopestyle course. The slalom will follow, probably later in the morning. Usually everything wraps up around lunch time. The slalom course is very short and in the Whaleback slopestyle spirit we encourage kids to just race in their jackets etc….

Think snow!

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