Saturday Kombi Race details and LAST CALL

Hey all–

Hopefully if you are planning to come to the USSA U10 Kombi Race at Sunapee on Saturday you have already signed up as registration on has CLOSED. Since I suspect there are a few racers who are not yet registered, the Sunapee Race Secretary Kate McCloy has agreed to hold registration open until 5 PM on Thursday (TODAY). If you still haven’t registered and want to get your child in, email her or call ASAP:   or phone:  603-504-2410  with your child’s name and USSA#.

For everyone who is registered for the race, we will plan to meet on snow for course inspection at 8:15am on Saturday. We’ll be in between the SPRUCE LODGE and the North Peak Triple Chair. Discounted parent and family tickets are available directly from the Group Sales office. Race is due to start at 9:30am, and it is pretty much just Ford Sayre and Sunapee skiers. At this point I am assuming that we will have 2 race runs in the morning (vs. taking a lunch break).  If the race ends early we certainly encourage you to take advantage of the terrain and snowmaking at Sunapee to get some skiing in!

Remember if you want some general tips here’s an over of a typical race day.

A few other notes: some of our kids got their first taste of skiing at big (and busy) ski area last week. They did really well on the whole, but some were reminded that having names on gear (tips of skis, written on poles) is really important to make sure other people don’t take your stuff by mistake. I’m a big proponent of adding bits of colorful ribbon to bags or patterned duck tape to equipment to make it even more obvious it is yours. This is an event where kids can “strip down” to race if they want…but they need to make sure they are still warmly dressed for the race run and for the runs before and after.

Sunday we will be back at the Skiway for some more gate training (conditions and space permitting).

PS: Final note, I forgot to mention that the local Police in the village of Sunapee support the town budget by nabbing as many speeders as possible on the road from the Interstate through the village. The main speed trap comes on the downhill into the village where the speed limit drops from 50 to 30, so beware!

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