Details for Mount Sunapee U10 Day

First, I hope everyone has gone ahead and bought their tickets for Sunapee on Saturday. If not, you still have until 8am on Friday, so go here:

To use the store you need to add all the tickets you want in a given price category to your cart, then go back for other tickets in other categories. You can see the pricing for each on the site. It’s $25.50 for U10s, $32.50 for non-U10s who are 6-12, $45.50 for teens or seniors, and $57.50 for adults.

We will distribute tickets at 8:45am in the SPRUCE Lodge — Look for Mark or Bruce. There are two lodges at Mount Sunapee, so make sure you go the the SPRUCE Lodge. If you arrive by 8:15 you will likely be in Lot 1 or 2 and can easily walk to the Lodge. A bit later you will likely need to take a shuttle bus, which takes a few minutes longer, so be prepared.

We’ll be skiing in mixed groups male/female/FS/Sunapee with one Sunapee coach and one Ford Sayre coach. In the afternoon we’ll hit the NASTAR course. The Sunapee Head Coach requested that we have all our skiers pre-register for NASTAR by going to, just do the “Competitor Info”, “Login/Password” and the waiver. Nothing to pay, just want to get everyone in the system so the kids can receive NASTAR “medals”

The good news is that it is supposed to be warmer on Saturday, and the snow should be great. We’ll charge hard all morning, break for lunch, then head back out, finishing between 2:30 and 3pm. We will finish up at the Comp Center — which is at the base of the North Peak Triple Chair — just up the hill from the Spruce Lodge.

On Sunday we’ll be back at the Skiway at the regular time.


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