Sunapee Fun Fest January 25

So plans are laid for the Ford Sayre U10s to link up with the Sunapee ski team and rip on the mountain on Saturday. We’ll be skiing fast and seeing how many trails we can cover. In the afternoon we’ll hit the NASTAR course. The Sunapee Head Coach requested that we have all our skiers pre-register for NASTAR by going to, just do the “Competitor Info”, “Login/Password” and the waiver. Nothing to pay, just want to get everyone in the system so the kids can receive NASTAR “medals”


We have a special SMOKIN’ deal for the U10s and discounted tickets for everyone else who wants to come. All are available ONLY UNTIL 8am on FRIDAY at the Ford Sayre online store. Click on that link or paste in this URL:

To use the store you need to add all the tickets you want in a given price category to your cart, then go back for other tickets in other categories. You can see the pricing for each on the site. It’s $25.50 for U10s, $32.50 for non-U10s who are 6-12, $45.50 for teens or seniors, and $57.50 for adults.

Remember the pricing is only good until Friday morning.

Two last notes — we’re assigning special groups for the day, so please email Mark if you can’t make it.

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