Edges matter — Time to tune skis

We’ve been really lucky this season to have extremely friendly snow conditions all season to date . . . but now the time has come (and those pre-season tunes are wearing off) to make sure your kids have sharp edges and get in to a habit of keeping skis to top shape. For U12 racers and older, tuning skis is a weekly (or perhaps daily) necessity.

Just as you wouldn’t have fared well this past week driving on worn summer tires, your kids will not be able to learn and succeed without well tuned skis from here on out.

For those of you who are new to racing, and have kids who just dipping their toes in to the racing world, I will recommend you just plan on having someone professional take care of tuning your kids skis a few times this season. (See recommendations at the bottom with shops and individual tuners). It’s not difficult to do, but it takes an investment of at least a few hundred dollars in the equipment to do it right. Tuning is also a bit of an art, and there is no absolute right way to do it, so you will likely need some coaching.

If you want to learn how to do it, in the past we’ve had some success pairing people who want to learn how to tune skis with more experienced tuning mentors — and only sent one person to an emergency room as a result. So, I encourage to ask any more experienced race parent you know if you can bring some food or drink over to their house then next time they tune to absorb their knowledge. If you are an experienced tuner and willing to host others the next time you tune — please drop a note to mark@nomadcom.com expressing your willingness to act as a mentor and I will put a list up.

Tuning services you should know about:

Artech 1-855-347-7547 Artechski.com

Artech in Enfield, the go to for all tuning equipment and supplies also does a spectacular job getting skis race ready. I strongly recommending sending skis there once at the beginning of the year get the bases and edges prepped for the season…after that keeping them in race shape is relatively easy.

We recommend setting kids race skis up with a .5 degree base bevel (slightly convex to make it easier to get on edge) and 3 degree side bevel (which you use a 93 degree file guide to maintain).

If you don’t have the time, inclination or skills to do it yourself, Nate Spitz a former Ford Sayre racer (and current HHS student), also does sharpening and waxing at his house for only $20. He has 7 year of experience tuning and you can drop stuff off at his house (14 High Street in Lyme) or he may be able to arrange a transfer in Hanover. You can contact him Nathaniel.Spitz@dresden.us or 603-443-2369

In addition to that Omer & Bob’s, Henderson’s, and the Skiway all provide tuning services and can tune to the specifications listed above.

So, make your plan to have sharp skis this weekend!

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