Extreme cold Saturday morning

Hey everyone–

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful scenery and staying warm! We’ll be at the Skiway both days this weekend. While we are looking forward to great skiing on Saturday, it is due to be EXTREMELY cold overnight. So on Saturday we will meet INSIDE at 8:55am.

Due the cold, the U8 program is pushing back their start by one hour — and want to support any families who want to start a bit later. The U10s are planning to ski at 9, but also anticipate only making a few runs (at most) before our first break. If any of you have U8s and/or are considering a later start on Saturday, please know that we will likely be inside frequently, and expect to be in for our first break just before 10am, so late-comers will be welcomed into the groups whenever they arrive — if you are arriving between 9;30 and 10, we recommend looking for us inside the lodge.

Please note that the Skiway is currently planning to open the Holt’s lift on Saturday as well, and our hope is to start the morning with a powder run or two — so please have your skiers bring their equipment UP TO THE LODGE, as opposed to leaving it down at the Winslow lift.

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