Sunday the 22nd

A very astute reader noticed that I listed the next few days for U10 skiing as December 21, 23, 23 . . .

Now I need to reveal there was a cosmic plan behind that. As I noted, we do our best not cancel last minute etc…and for the most part try to just roll with whatever weather comes our way. Right now the weather for this weekend looks shaky for Saturday (but ski-able), and stinky for Sunday. How stinky? Depends on the forecast you follow, but anything from steady rain to freezing rain to sleet with a few snow flakes mixed in. (This is a following a night of rain, freezing rain, or ice). We’re not going to stick a fork in it yet, but we want to let you know that we will make a call closer to then based on the weather. If it looks to be as bad as they are now promising, the U10 program will likely cancel for Sunday. I will post another update on Saturday evening.

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