Xmas Camp and Training Notes

We hope everyone enjoyed the big powder day this past weekend. We saw kids improve and gain confidence by leaps and bounds!

We’re looking forward a great holiday camp at the Skiway over the next two weeks and we’re optimistic that even if the weather for the first few days isn’t the best, we’ll be back to great conditions soon!

A few things to keep in mind:

1) If the weather is unusual and you are not sure whether or not to a scheduled training, please know that unless the Skiway is closed, there will be coaches there, but don’t feel you need to send your kids if it is raining, 85 below zero etc… use your judgment and let them use theirs. We’ll find good stuff to do almost any day, and if the kids are psyched to be there, they will have fun. If they are being pushed out into nasty conditions against their will — chances of fun are much lower, and if the driving isn’t safe, please don’t get into an accident in a mad rush to go skiing.

2) From here on out we’ll meet at 8:55 in front of the Lodge. That way we can pick the best trails (once the second side is open), and fine tune groupings/distribution of coaches if needed.

3) We will ski until 1pm, unless you hear otherwise on this blog. We’ll take a lunch or snack break or both, depending on the weather, and the exact time will vary from day to day. Kids are on their own at the end of training (we may release them at the lift or at the lodge), but until then, they need to stay with the group. It’s okay if your child needs to cut out early, as long as they let us know at the beginning of the day that they have a time they need to leave.

4) We’ll stay in more or less in the same groups over break. And we’ll tell you more about that soon.

5) In the second week of break — after New Year’s — we don’t have official training days for U10s on Thursday and Friday, but the U12/14 programs are looking in to Big Mountain skiing options for January 2nd or 3rd. If they find something that makes sense, we will extend the invitation to join in the special ticket rate to U10 families.

See you at the Skiway!

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Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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