Stratton December 1, Final call

It sounds like conditions at Stratton are really pretty darned good. They have 36 trails (or fragments thereof) open and the weather will be a bit warmer on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who responded already. If you haven’t yet and you want to come, please go here by 4pm today  and put your name in the count.

When you arrive at Stratton you can either go straight to the shuttle parking lots (left turn) or turn right to drop off skiers and gear in “The Village” and then parking a few minutes drive away with a shuttle back. Building in a few extra minutes to account for this is important. Once you arrive, the lodge we meet in is near the base of the Gondola — at the West end of the base Village (to the right as you are walking up towards the hill). We’ll be on one side of the cafeteria or the other. Look for any familiar Ford Sayre faces and they will point you to the person collecting money for tickets (Likely Jeff Chu, Bruce Sacerdote, or Gerd Reiss). Bring $30 for adult tix and $25 for kid tickets. The little Ford Sayre shop will be set up between 8:30 and 8:45. We’ll plan on meeting at the base of the chair (near the gondola) to at 9:15. Anyone who is ready earlier can feel free to take a lap or two.

See you at Stratton!


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