Stratton Details (December 1)

I think we’ve survived the soaking and now have a bit more of the plan in place for Stratton. As a reminder, at Stratton we’ll be skiing with family and friends, more than with formal groups. If it makes more sense for your family to ski somewhere else that’s fine too. We just want to get the kids on snow.  One of the big reasons these first days are “family ski days” is that most humans find it hard to be fully organized and ready to ski on their first snow days of the season. Having parents along gives us a very important safety net for kids who have equipment or clothing issues, get cold, want to take it a little extra slowly etc….

Ford Sayre skis at Stratton early season for a few reasons including: excellent snowmaking, we get a smokin’ deal, and (relative) convenience. While it is closer than many think to the Upper Valley, one thing to be aware of is that the parking system is a little different. They have drop in “The Village” and then parking a few minutes drive away with a shuttle back. Building in a few extra minutes to account for this is important. Once you arrive the lodge we meet in is near the base of the Gondola — at the West end of the base Village.

If you’d like to go to Stratton we just need to pre-order tickets for you family. As part of our deal with Stratton we can return unused tickets, so we just want to make we have enough without severely overshooting. Attached is a link to a survey where you can enter the number of ticket you want that are NOT INCLUDED in any number you already emailed Matt (that only applies to U12/14 families). Remember this is a CASH ONLY deal.

Tickets will be available in the base Lodge at Stratton on Sunday between 8:30 and 8:45. We’ll plan on meeting at the base of the chair (near the gondola) at 9:15. Anyone who is ready earlier can feel free to take a lap or two.

To make sure we have you in the count, please just fill out this short survey:


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