Weekend Update — Winter Begins

Hi Everyone–

Looks like we are in for some wintery weather this weekend. Being Northern New England that means a bit of everything. Before the weekend is out expect to experience various combinations of snow, rain, and maybe some sneet or graupel….oh, and did I mention the high winds?

On (most) Sunday mornings this Winter Okemo will be offering a special ticket deal for NH and VT residents. Adults ski from 8am to 1:30pm for $35, 12 & Under ski for $24, and tweeners & seniors are $30. No pre-purchase necessary, just roll up the window with your local ID.  http://www.okemo.com/activities/snowsports/ticketing/specials.asp#vtnhresidents

Our base plan had been to take advantage of that.

Right now the forecast for Sunday is calling for morning temps in the low 10’s, with winds 20-30 mph. That’s not a great forecast for us push you into a long drive etc…, when there is  high possibility of frozen kids and/or wind holds, nor is it great weather for dryland training.

So, here’s the call!  NO OFFICIAL Training for U10s on Sunday. But, there will be some families headed down to Okemo. Please take a look at your family schedule, and take stock of your energy before deciding if you want to come to Okemo and take advantage of the ticket deal, or if you want to enjoy the what may be the last unscheduled weekend until March.

I may post a weather update on Saturday if things are looking better, and please go ahead and mark STRATTON on your calendar for the following Sunday, December 1. Details on that ticket deal to follow.

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