Nov. 17 — Dryland at Burnham Field/Velvet Rocks, Nov. 24 — Ski?

Hi all–

This Sunday Nov. 24 we’ll meet at the far end of the Thompson Arena parking lot at 1pm for dryland training. We’ll do a hike up the Velvet Rocks with the U12s, and then come back down to do agility and strength routines as well as play some games if we have time. We’ll finish at 3pm back where we started.

We are currently planning to have our first Family Ski Day, on the Sunday the 24th of November. (Original schedule had it Dec. 1, but it’s looking good to start sooner). That means instead of dryland training we’ll set up a ticket deal (for the any and all family members) at a (relatively) nearby mountain. A Family Ski Day is one where we don’t ski in highly organized groups, but it really is an important opportunity to ski with family or friends and remember what it means to slide on snow before the real training begins. We do have coaches on the mountain, we do try to connect with all U10s at some point of the day. We will meet at a set time and we will make sure everyone has someone to ski with. We do not expect U10s to make it to ALL the Family Ski Days, but it is very important that you make it to at least one.

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