Dryland Training and the Ford Sayre Ski Sale

Hi Everyone–

First remember to set you clocks back tonight! But then again if you mistakenly come an hour early tomorrow you can go to the Ford Sayre Ski Sale which starts at noon. There will be lots great new and used equipment, and some incredible deals. If you are still looking for boots or skis for your U10 skier, we have to warn you that it’s a little hit or miss. To give you a hand, Mark, Toby and other Ford Sayre coaches will be there to offer advice. We’re happy to check sizing, give our opinions etc… if things aren’t too crazy we can also try to help find stuff that matches up well with your skier. There will also be many great deals for parents too, and we can advise on that as well.

Please have your kids on the playground (by the baseball diamond) ready to run at 1pm. They should bring a sweatshirt or jacket that they can tie around their waist when we run. We’ll start (1pm) and end (3pm) at the Richmond School but won’t be there for much of the time in between. Kids should be dressed for being active, and we promise to keep them moving. We know many kids are still wrapping up fall activities this time of year, so we don’t worry if you skier can’t make it this time.

See you there.

About Ford Sayre

Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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