Sunapee T-shirt race

Saturday is the USSA Sunapee T-shirt race. The season capper for many Ford Sayre kids.
The race is set up as an easy duel on their NASTAR hill. To preserve the course they do not allow racers on the race course itself during inspection.
While coaches will be there to check in with kids and give them basic advice, the kids are mostly on their own for the race.
Since over 400 kids usually race it can be a little chaotic.
Since it is warm we ask kids to keep track of their own gear and it’s often practical to strip down prior to the lift ride before the race run, Or to swing back up to the top to grab their stuff

Ford Sayre will have an informal cookout lunch at the base. If you want to take part, bring something to grill and eat and something to share. The snow is still great at Sunapee but it’s also a great race to watch from the base

We recommend being there by 8 AM to sign in and pick up your bib.
We usually ride the triple chair to the course. You can look for coaches between 830 and 840 in the base of the lift and they ll point your kids in the right direction And help them get connected with friends.

Please excuse my typing this was all dictated into my phone. 🙂

About Ford Sayre

Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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