End of the Year Calendar Narrative

Hope you are enjoying the snow!

Here’s a bit more of recap of the final trickles of the U10 ski season. We are done with a official full U10 on snow events, but to tie up some loose ends:

This Saturday March 23 — we looked in to the possibility of doing a family big mountain day, but could not put together enough of a group to guarantee a group ticket rate. So we want to encourage everyone who wants to ski to take advantage of late season snow and deals at the mountain of your choice!

Sunday March 24 — A few U10s have signed up to go to the Mug Race “Kombi” at Crotched — it’s on “Open” USSA race — sign up through AlpineReg.com. If you want to hook in with other Ford Sayre skiers, look for Mark near the deck of the Crotched Mountain Alpine Training Center (ATC) around 8:30 (having already signed in etc…) If you want to know what a “Kombi” looks like, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-GEORvfBdg

Saturday March 30 is the beach party also known as the Sunapee T-Shirt Race. It’s a side by side dual on their NASTAR hill. There is no formal course inspection as the hill is closed to preserve the snow. There will be many Ford Sayre families in attendance but no formal coaching.

Sunday April 7 — Ford Sayre awards banquet — please see previous post http://fordsayrerad.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/ford-sayre-banquet-april-7-at-the-skiway/


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