March 16 & 17 (New option for Sunday!)

Hi all–

It looks like we are in for some wet stuff on Tuesday, but after that we’ll get back to more seasonal conditions. We’re looking forward to seeing most U-10 skiers race at the Skiway on Saturday in the Tecnica Winter Finish.

On Sunday we have two options. You can come to the Skiway as usual as the U-10s join the U-8s for some informal fun races — with training wrapping up by NOON.

OR you can opt for an adventure in Vermont!

Rich Joseph has hammered out a deal with his former home mountain Pico, to invite Ford Sayre families to come ski there on Sunday and enjoy smoking ticket prices. Rich will be there as a host, but this will be a Family Ski Day — as opposed to one with organized groups and full Ford Sayre oversight.

If you’d like to go.

Ticket prices are:
$34.50 for adult
$23.50 for juniors (7-12)
$27.50 for youth (13-18)
Free tickets for kids 6 and under
Tickets must be purchased at the FS store no later than 6pm Saturday.
Meet at the Pico  lodge 9 am. If you get arrested for speeding through Woodstock, or have some other lame excuse for being late, you can look for your ticket in Bruce Sacerdote’s bag  or text 603 443 2034 and he’ll work on getting it to you.
If you have questions about Pico, email Rich at

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