Sunapee, Saturday February 9 — Details and Ticket Link

Hi all–

It looks like we have an awesome day at Sunapee in the works. With luck we may even have some powder!  (If the EURO models are right Sunapee is expected to get the most snow of any area in the State out of this storm) With new snow expected, Sunapee may definitely pick up some crowds so it is imperative that you get there on time (see below) so we can get all the kids assigned to the right groups at the start of the day — which will include a mix of Ford Sayre and Sunapee kids.

Sunapee is planning to set up a “Skills Circuit” that includes:

1) Obstacle course on Elliott (over and under jumps, gates, stubbies, brushes & candy)

2) Terrain Park Challenge:  Big Air, no air, spines, tricks and more treats

3) Bump Challenge:  Slow progression from 2-4 bumps to multiple bumps with a goal of running the lower 1/3 of the bumps non-stop.

4) Vertical Challenge (approx 1.25 hrs):

5) 2 runs of GS on their NASTAR course at the end of the day (kids will get their time when they cross the line, but there will not be compiled resuts)

Planned Schedule

Arrive at Sunapee by 8:30am (at the latest)

8:45 — Tickets distributed in the Spruce (old) Lodge

9:00 meet on snow at the bottom of Eggbeater (NASTAR hill)

9:15-10:30 (Ski either 1 or 2 above skills)

10:30-10:45 SNACK

10:45-12:00 (Ski either 1 or 2 above skills)

12:00-1:00 LUNCH

12:45-2:00 (Ski either 1 or 2 above skills)

2:00 Everyone meets for 2 NASTAR Runs

2:45 Kids returned to Spruce Lodge

As with our other big mountain days we need to have you go ahead and secure your tickets now if you want to get in at the special groups price.

Kids (13 and under) at $25.50

Adults are $57

Price is good until 6pm on Friday night, and buying tickets will serve as the confirmation that you are coming. Use this link….click on the $25 Sunapee ticket, you will get to choose between a kid ticket an adult ticket and the actual price will be reflected in your shopping cart.

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