Races and Competitions After Whaleback

We’re looking forward to a chance to have a little bit of competition and a lot of fun at Whaleback on Sunday. After that there are few dates that people should note.

We’ll be at Sunapee next Saturday for a non-competitive events that includes a wide variety of challenges — details to follow soon.

Then there is one more “non-USSA” event we will attend at Suicide Six on Sunday March 3. Snow permitting it will be a GS combined with a bump event.

For the kids who are ready for more races beyond that there are a few opportunities we want you to know about too.

All of our kids born in 2003 who registered with USSA are invited to participate in a U-12 Qualifying race at the Skiway on Feb. 24. They will be skiing for fun and a chance to see what the race circuit will look like next year (they cannot qualify for the U-12 champs). I have put (almost) all the kids born in 2003 on the start list for this race, but they do not need to compete. If they intend to race, just drop me a note, and plan to pay the entry fee ($40) on race day.

Beyond that there are two USSA races that many of our kids will do in March. These require YOU to send in a registration by mail or register on AlpineReg.com. These are the Tecnica Winter Finish GS at the Skiway on March 16 and the Chip Gilroy T-Shirt Dual Slalom at Mount Sunapee on March 30. A small number will also likely enter the Crotched Mug Race on March 24. These are all great races, and I encourage you to go ahead and enter if your child as interested as these events sometimes fill up.

If you have any questions about which races match up well with your child or want clarification on what you need to do, please drop me a note at mark@nomadcom.com

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