Feb 2 — Big Mountain Ski Day

Hi everyone–

As most of you know we’ve been planning to have a Big Mountain ski day next Saturday along with the U-8, U-12, and U-14 programs. We usually elect not to be at the Skiway on the day of the Upper Valley Winter Special Olympics as the Skiway has some difficulty dealing with crowds, so it’s a good day to find someplace else to ski. Unfortunately our first choice ski area, Burke Mountain, is not currently having a good winter. On top of that, the weather this week is looking sketchy midweek. The U-12 and U-14 programs are now planning to stay closer to home next weekend — and perhaps train at the Skiway later in the day on Saturday.

U-8 and U-10 are still planning to do a Big Mountain day on Saturday as long as we can find decent snow, as a more challenging mountain, that offers us a reasonable price for kids and families. As this week’s weather may include anything from a half foot of snow to a few buckets of rain, we are planning to hold off the making the call of where we are going until sometime on after big thaw on Wednesday. It’s possible, but not likely we will go to Burke, but we will let you know where we’ll go as soon as we know. Once we settle on a location we will post the ticket pre-buy info on the Ford Sayre on line store.

Thanks and think cold!!!!

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