Please Dress Warmly

Hi all–

The good news is that things are warming up a bit but it’s going to be a little nippy this weekend, so please make sure your kids are dressed as warmly as possible. Make sure boots, socks, and mittens are warm and dry to start the day. Make sure they are wearing a layer, mid-layer, and outer layer of clothing. Wear neck warmers, and make sure they know to let their coach know if they get really cold. We’re going to try to keep them moving and encourage them to do as much skiing as they can, but we don’t want to freeze anyone.

Again we are planning to ski gates on Sunday and work on the free skiing skills on Saturday, so if your child may not be up for two days of super cold weather, you can certainly pick one or the other based on which program appeals more.

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Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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