Calendar Update and Special Events

Hi Everyone– We hope all of you had a fun weekend despite the somewhat unusual weather. Our (not always accurate) sources tell us that Winter is planning to make a comeback very soon…with lots of cold weather and maybe even some snow!

This weekend we are back at the Skiway on Saturday and Sunday. While some kids are off on Monday 21st we are NOT going to have a scheduled training session, but we encourage those of you who are out of school to go skiing if you can.

At the beginning of the year we had hoped to add 3 or 4 special events to our calendar. So far three of these are mostly set and one is still a question mark.

On February 3 we expect to go to Whaleback for their Master of Mountain comp/fest. It will combine racing and freeskiing events (could be jumps, could be bumps, will be fun). Kids loved this last year, and more details will follow.

On February 10, we are planning to host the Ford Sayre U10 Invitational at the Skiway. Some race elements, some skills challenge elements, and lot of fun. This is primarily a morning event, and we’ll be asking for some volunteer help to get it off the ground.

On March 3, we will head to Suicide Six in Woodstock, VT for the annual G.S. and Bump Challenge. 

We’re still waiting to hear from Sunapee about another U10 event. Originally it had been penciled in for January 26, but they are having trouble finalizing things. Will keep you posted.

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Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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