Cote Open at Ragged Mountain January 12

Hi all–

I’m not sure I did a great job of explaining why I didn’t necessarily push this race as being good for all U10 skiers.

Almost any U10 kid who wants to race is fully capable of going and having a good time at the Ragged Race. It is a USSA sanctioned race…that means kids need to be USSA members — which I know some of you have not done yet. (Especially if your child was on the fence about actually wanting to race this year).

My hesitation in having this be a kid’s first race is not as much about the kid as about the parents. The race at Ragged is on a great hill for kids to start racing. It’s not steep, and the format is easy for kids to understand. It’s also very spectator friendly. On the other hand the race organization at Ragged does not have a good track record. In 1988 I lived in Hungary (behind the iron curtain), and got to experience such things as waiting in a 6 person line in Krakow, Poland to try to get a train reservation. The line took a bit over an hour, and there was little to no reward to be had at the end….I’m not sure how they manage it, but most years Ragged’s race sign in (remember kids are already registered), is somewhat more torturous than that, and I don’t want to turn any families off on racing on the first day, because if it’s not registration, it’s a problem with the lift, the results, or rabid chipmunks in the lodge. Okay, so I just made that last one up, but if you put on your happy, teflon suit, and just let all manner of frustrations slide off you…you and your child will have a great day at Ragged. Regardless, your child will probably have a great day.

There is still time to register.

If you haven’t gotten your child USSA membership, you can do it online at

You are also highly encouraged to get a NHARA (New Hampshire Alpine Racing) membership. Again, you can do it online at (this will be required for kids born in 2003 for some races later in the year).

Then I recommend registering online for the race through

You cannot register if you are not first a member of USSA, and there is usually a lag between joining USSA and being able to use the online registration system at

If this generates questions…drop me a line at




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