Jan 4-5 and 12-13

Hey Everyone– It’s nice to have the weather cooperating as we dive into the heart of the season. From here on out, as both sides are open at the Skiway, we will meet in front of the lodge at 9:00am when we are at the Skiway. We want to congratulate all the kids and parents for doing a great job over Xmas break both working in hard on the slopes and getting to the Skiway on time.

As we move forward, it is extremely important that your child is there and READY to ski (bags put away, ticket on, skis in hand) at 9am, if not a few minutes before. It’s a rough start to the day for kids who roll out of the car at 9am or later (unless you have sent the coaches a note so we are expecting you).

Jan 4-5: This weekend we will start to mix in some race type challenges. First, on Saturday we are planning to use a brush course to help kids transition from making turns solely at their discretion to making (carved) turns in a set structure. Then on Sunday we’ll introduce them to a Giant Slalom course….starting with small bites for the new comers, and building in challenge for the veterans.

Jan 12: Skiers have a choice between regular training at the Skiway and joining us for a USSA Race at Ragged Mountain (pre-registration with USSA and Ragged Mountain — AlpineReg.com — required). It’s a fun race and a good choice for MRT vets and/or kids sold on racing. If you are interested in the race I strongly recommend signing up sooner rather than later, as races do fill up at times. But don’t worry we will also have other opportunities later in the season. (Details very soon I hope)

Jan 13: The whole team is invited to come to Cannon Mountain for a Big Mountain Ski Day. We’ll ski in groups, and parents are welcome to tag along if they can keep up. Next week I will post information about the ticket deal. We will pre-buy through the Ford Sayre store. There will not be a Skiway option that day.

As always, if you have any questions, you can comment on the posts or email mark@nomadcom.com

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