We’re skiing Saturday . . . Really and “Team Rules”

We are all looking forward to making some turns at the Skiway on Saturday. as a reminder, we will meet at 9am ready to rock and roll at the lift. At some point we will go over these team rules we will share with the kids. They are pretty simple, but if we can get them all on track, even a lack of snow won’t derail us:


  • Listen to directions and be courteous at all time to coaches, ski area personnel and parent volunteers.
  • If you need help, or don’t understand something, please ask.
  • You are responsible for your own gear, and need to keep track of it – inside or outside. Write your name on EVERYTHING.
  • If your coach says it’s a race, go as fast as you can, if (s)he doesn’t, it’s not a race, and you need to be aware of other skiers around you.
  • If you get separated from your group, wait at the bottom of the lift.
  • Let us know if you are cold, tired, hungry, or need a break for another reason.
  • If we go inside for a break you can get one snack, but you need to get it right when we come inside.
  • Coaches can’t hear whining….did you say something????
  • Encourage and support your teammates. Put downs of others are not allowed.
  • Take time to thank at least one person who helped make your ski day possible, whether it is a ski area worker, patroller, or parent.

About Ford Sayre

Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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