U-10 Holiday Ski Camp Starts Saturday!

The Skiway tells us there is a 98% chance they will open by this weekend, so we are moving full speed ahead for our Holiday Ski Camp. By “Camp” we mean that vacation presents a concentrated period of time to focus on teaching skills and building on those skills, as well as get to know the other kids on our team. We encourage your kids to ski as many days as they can over vacation – but for you also to make sure to give them downtime as you feel appropriate. The holidays are very busy time, with lots of fun stuff happening and first and foremost, we want to make sure the kids are having fun and not getting over tired.

Unless you hear otherwise (on this blog) we will be at the Skiway the following days, skiing from 9am to 1pm:

Saturday December 22

Sunday December 23

Wednesday December 26

Thursday December 27

Friday December 28

Saturday December 29

Sunday December 30

Monday December 31

We ask the kids to come to the Skiway at 8:30 so that they are waiting at the lift, ready to ski at 9:00am. We expect that Saturday will be slightly more chaotic than usual at the Skiway, and we know many kids (and even coaches) have paid for and submitted all their pass paperwork, but don’t have their passes (or haven’t taken last year’s pass in to get it “recharged”) yet. So please come a little bit earlier to make sure your child is fully ready to go at 9am.

In general we are planning to split the U-10 program in two large groups: Switzerland and Austria. This broad split is based on ski experience, speed of travel, level of aggression, and past racing experience. Both groups will follow a very similar course of instruction this season, but the pace and timing will vary to match the kids needs and interest level.

From there we will divide up into smaller groups each day based on who is present and what skills we want to work on. As we know not every child will be there every day of training, we try to re-adjust groups to match the population. Being ready-to-ski at 9:00am is vitally important to getting kids into the right group for the day.

If for some reason, the Skiway does not open, I will post that on the blog. We will NOT be conducting the U-10 at another ski area this weekend if the Skiway is not open, so let hope for good weather.

As long as the Skiway is open we will ski rain, shine, snow, or sneet. Please make sure your child is dressed for success. That means wearing multiple layers (base, mid, outer) topped off with dry mitts/gloves, socks, and boots. Neck warmers are also great to have. We’ll spend some time with the kids talking about how to dress.

We will stop late morning for a snack/lunch, so please make sure your child has proper fuel and/or money to buy stuff. We discourage kids from buying junk food, but we can’t police it.

If you have any questions prior to Saturday, please write to mark@nomadcom.com  Again if you are going to be away for a significant chunk of vacation it’s very helpful for us know that in advance.

You can also catch Mark or any of the coaches after training on Saturday, or come find us in the lodge when we are in with the kids.

Think snow!

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