Sunday Dryland (or maybe go skiing on your own)

Hi Everyone–

Just a reminder, for anyone who wants to try to work off their holiday turkey, we’ll be having dryland training (including a hike up the Velvet Rocks) on Sunday at 1pm. Meet at the far end of the Thompson Arena parking lot.

Due to limited terrain there weren’t any ski areas that wanted to host a herd of Ford Sayre skiers at a group rate this weekend — but there is some skiing to be had out there if your family wants to make some turns instead of doing dryland.

We skied at Loon yesterday — it was pretty good considering the limited snowmaking potential so far. There were half-dozen good trails and a moderate amount of people, but it was not overly crowded — and is fine for individuals or family groups, but wouldn’t work for a team session. Other team members have skied at Killington recently and also report pretty good conditions. Bretton Woods has a handful of long runs open.

Whether you ski this weekend, or try to ski one of the next few weekends (when we will also try to have informal skiing opportunities) — I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting out at LEAST one to two times early season before we start are our more formal sessions in the second half of December. No matter how many years you have been skiing, the first day (or two) on snow always feel a little weird. Nobody picks up right where they left off, and it is much nicer to shake off those cobwebs and get used to your new equipment with just a few family members or friends around with you than when you think you need to perform for your coach and teammates. 

See you soon and think snow!

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