Early Season Skiing

For the next few weekends we’ll be looking for locations to do some early season skiing.  Typically we’ll do this each Sunday morning, meeting at 8:30 (or a time that will be announced) and skiing as long people want (but rarely much past 1pm). Our goal is to give the kids a chance to get comfortable on their skis prior to the more formal start to our season — as well as have everyone test out their equipment making sure:

A) they can find it

B) It fits/works etc…

These days are even more “optional” than most, and we try to organize them as family ski days in which we get a group ticket deal that is extended to any and all family members. For that reason we usually either need to get a head count or commitment beforehand on numbers. Sometimes we will also take ticket pre-orders through the Ford Sayre website. Most ski areas won’t have much open but we’ll try to find places that have the best balance of low crowds, accessibility, terrain, and price.

At the area we will break up into informal groups and/or kids can ski with their parents. The coaches also like to use the opportunity to get a look at the kids on snow and begin to think more about how to group them for the winter. That said, if as a family you want to go ski at a different area than what we have chosen, please don’t feel obligated to join us.

This week the weather in not looking great for snowmaking, so we are neither sure of where we’ll be, nor even 100% that there will be an option we recommend for Sunday. So, you will need to stay posted. We should know for sure by Friday, and we’ll let you know before then if we can.


About Ford Sayre

Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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