2012-2013 Calendar

When you get a chance please take a look at the top navigation on the U-10 team blog. You’ll see a link to an embedded Google calendar.  You can also access it directly at this URL: http://fordsayrerad.wordpress.com/u-10-calendar/

Right now on this calendar I have tried to list all the dates that we will be skiing this year. It notes races, and it notes off days. BUT there are few important things missing. As I mentioned at the parent meeting we are still working with Whaleback, Sunapee, Suicide 6, and Quechee to define the schedule of special events targeted at U-10 and younger skiers. These will mostly be in January and February – – and more likely to be on Saturdays than on Sundays, but nothing is set yet. I expect to have most of those dates set at some point in November. On those days we will travel to another mountain, rather than having the regular training at the Skiway that is currently on the schedule.

While you will not automatically get an update whenever that schedule is updated, I will try to post and highlight major changes. Since it also a “public” google calendar I’m pretty sure there is a way people can link into their own Google or Outlook calendars — I’m just not sure how to do that. So if you are parent and know how to do that…please drop me a note.

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