Reminder — Ford Sayre Fit Night and BBQ Monday 5-8pm

Hi Everyone– I know many of you already have this on your calendar, or may have gotten a reminder from another FS sector, but I’d like to encourage you to join us at the Skiway Monday night for the Ford Sayre equipment and fit night.

Coach Matt, has a great description of the event that I want to make sure to share with everyone who didn’t get it through his email list:

1.       This is an opportunity to “ASK QUESTIONS”. The ski companies are providing industry experts who know ski racing and can guide you into the right equipment. It isn’t just a sales pitch, though that is why they are there. Coaches will also be there to assist if you feel as though you’re being led astray and are confused about what to get.

2.       Bring your old stuff especially if you’re not certain that it fits. A coach or one of the sales reps can check. Skiing is an equipment intensive sport and it is important that the equipment fits correctly IE. The skis are the right length and stiffness, the boots fit correctly and have the right flex. If either of these aren’t correct then it could hinder the athlete’s success.

3.       The reps will have forms with special pricing for Fit Night. Make certain you have the right sizes filled in. You don’t have to make the decision tomorrow night but it will certainly help. After last year’s low snow the ski companies did not stock a lot of equipment and the sooner you order the more likely you will get your equipment.

4.       The forms go to either Artech or Omer & Bob’s depending on which store represents that equipment. They will process the order and you will pick up your equipment at either location.

5.       Got old stuff you want to swap or unload? Bring it! Swap with other

6.       Eat! Artech and Omer & Bob’s are helping fund a Burgers & Dogs BBQ. O&B’s volunteered to help man the BBQ but other volunteers are welcome to help.

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Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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