T-Shirt Race and BBQ

Hi Everyone — as of right now the T-Shirt Race at Mount Sunapee is still on. If we find out otherwise we’ll let you know. I know they are working really hard to make it happen. As an added attraction this weekend Sunapee is planning to have at least one, and maybe two, Acrobags in their terrain park or near Eggbeater. These are giant airbags that allow anyone who wants to the opportunity to hit a jump, do a trick and have a really soft landing, without needing land your skis and ski away.

A few notes on the race. This a USSA race that required pre-registration which now closed. While the race is full and entries are closed, anyone is welcome to come, ski, eat, relax etc…  We have coaches at the start, but in general this is an “on your own” race. Inspection is from the side and parallel courses are very simple, so we let the kids take care of themselves for inspection.

Here are the details on the BBQ from Liz Gray!!!!

Hi FS Families,

This is a message for any family who is planning to attend the T-shirt race at Mt. Sunapee on Saturday, March 24th.
I am happy to say that we are going to continue with our annual Ford Sayre BBQ/ Potluck for all the families at the bottom of the race trail. Many thanks to Jay Rozzi and Kinson Craft who are planning on getting there early to get us a prime watching/ grilling spot!
We need help with the following:
1. If you are willing to bring extra tables, charcoal, lighter fluid or paper goods and plasticware please email Jay Rozzi at jcrozzi@me.com.

What you need to bring:
1. A potluck item to share with everyone- be creative!
2. An item for the grill for you and your family.

3. Drinks for you and your family. This is very important- last year there were a lot of thirsty kids.

Please email if you have any questions.
Liz, Bruce and Jay Rozzi

About Ford Sayre

Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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