March 17 — our last day at the Skiway!

Hi everyone. It looks like this Saturday, March 17 will wrap up the core of the Mountain Race Team events for this season. Apparently, things are looking a bit sketchy for the Skiway to have sufficient coverage beyond (or even to, in some cases) this weekend. Right now things look good on Worden’s, but with really warm weather and bit of precip expected this week, this weekend will likely mark the end of the Skiway season, and terrain looks to be limited for Sunday (with a J1-2 race on Worden’s).

We hope that many of you are planning to race in the Tecnica Winter Finish on Saturday, and we’re looking forward to a tropically fantastic day of racing.

We also hope that many of you will join us the following Saturday, March 24 at Sunapee for the competition event that masquerades as a BBQ, the T-Shirt Race, and then come back to the Skiway for our banquet on April 5.

I also wanted to pass on congratulations to all the MRT athletes who strutted their stuff at Whaleback this past weekend. You find the full results here: Whaleback All Mountain Results Dave’s Scoring

However our on-scene commentators reported: that the FS team impressed everyone in slope style (3 pretty big jumps) and the slalom run.  Camden Reiss raised the bar with a 180 that he not only landed but skied away from backwards, on his way to taking first!  And then Felix Estes hit a 360 on his first jump and topped off with 180 landing backwards on the last jump.  Walt Jones threw down a perfect spread-eagle, and Wesley Stocken went so high up people wondered if he’d ever land. Ford Sayre was responsible for almost all the 180s and 360s attempted, and it wasn’t just the boys catching big air. Fantastic skiing and jumping from the girls as well. Props also to Ethan Ross who came with a snow snakes’ whisker of landing his own helicopter.

Well done team!!!

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