March 3 & 4, Quechee Race, Skiway Training and Big Mountain Day

Sorry for the long note. A lot happening this weekend, and there are choices both days. Saturday there is a “lollipop” race at Quechee for younger skiers or G.S. training at the Skiway. Sunday we are having a Big Mountain Day at Burke with Devo (where they have been getting some good snow recently), or older skiers can go to Mt. Cranmore with the J4/5 program to free ski there. So let me answer the obvious questions first:

 What should I do on Saturday?

If you raced in MORE than 1 of the BWL Qualifiers you should definitely go to Skiway for GS training. Or if you were born in 2001 or earlier, you should definitely go to the Skiway. There will be timed runs on Wordens, and kids will strip down to GS suits to simulate race day – it will be great preparation for the Tecnica Winter Finish.

If you are born in 2004 or 2003 and/or raced less than 2 of the BWL qualifiers, we recommend going to Quechee. It will be a very informal FUN race, where everyone will get a prize. If you want to go, please email Sean Ross <>

Should I go to Burke or Cranmore on Sunday?

Cranmore is primarily intended for kids who are planning to race in the BWL State Championships the following weekend. It will give them a chance to get familiar with the race hills without taking an extra day off from the school the Friday before. It is also open to other kids born 2002 or earlier. Siblings and families can also get in on the ticket deal, but there will not be coaches for younger kids. Meeting time is 9am at Cranmore. If you want to go to Cranmore please email

Burke is a chance to ski a wide range of terrain in informal groups, and most likely will allow you to leave the Upper Valley about an hour later than if you go to Cranmore. All passholders are eligible to buy a discounted ticket, so you do not need to pre-buy, but please email Mark to let us know you plan to go.

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