Buddy Werner League Finals

Hi Everyone–

Ford Sayre skiers capped a great weekend with stellar skiing at Mount Sunapee yesterday in the final Buddy Werner League qualifier. 36 skiers qualified to attend the Buddy Werner State Championships, and an additional 28 skiers (age 9 and older) are eligible to race in the Buddy Werner League Finals this weekend.

The finals eligible skiers are:

J5 Athletes

Pepper  Joseph

Lucy  Doyle

Jane  Goodrich

Ellison Stannard

Liz Rightmire

Kate Stannard

Kennedy Lange

Liz Joffrey

Emma Sablan

Cal Kocher

Ethan Ross

Teddy Ruth

Felix Estes

Ed Creelman

Owen Stannard

Dylan Kotlowitz

J4 Athletes

Sarah Bozuwa

Caroline Ruth

Maggie Kohl

Mary DiLalla

Coyote Farrell

Sarah Dunbar

Johannes Testorf

Mal Flynn

Matt Siegel

Noah Glenshaw

Ben Abbatiello

Mike Mackall

While this event was NOT in the original plan we laid out for most Mountain Race Team skiers, some of you may still wish to attend, and we will have Ford Sayre coaches at the race.

Matt Purcell <Matt.Purcell@dartmouth.edu> is the NHARA Western Division children’s racing chairman. I will turn to his explanation of the event from here:

This event was developed to provide a development path for those athletes who did not qualify for the Championship event. The intent is to provide a competitive and fun environment where the athletes can excel. This year the event is at Gunstock on March 3rd and 4th(See the NHARA Website regarding which event, which day). There is always the potential to qualify for the Championships from this event. The top 5 racers from each age/sex class can qualify from this event for the Championships.

Please let Matt know if you do or do not plan on attending the Finals so we can coordinate the coaching staff

We are trying to avoid the Sunday exhaustion and burn out we often experience and thus will not be sending coaches to the Friday training day and suggest that all the athletes have a regular school day and then come over in the late afternoon.

There is evidence that excessive pool time directly affects the athlete’s performance, especially by Sunday morning. So please regulate the pool time. It’s great to have fun and that’s all part of the experience but please be if your athlete is wrinkly like a prune they might have been in the pool too long.

If you have never been to Gunstock before here are a couple of helpful hints:

1)      Bring a sled. It is a 300 yd walk across the entire base area to the race lodge at the base of the GS hill

2)      Store your bags in the check tent. The lodge gets really crowded

3)      On Saturday meet the coaches at 8:20 uphill of the Race Building

4)      The Sunday J5 SL is on the Nastar Hill so we will meet the J5’s in the old base lodge at the base of the Ramrod Chair (no need for sleds to haul stuff for this lodge).

The Finals Information Packets have been posted on the NHARA Website. If you want to order a sweatshirt, which is offered at the end of the information packet, for your athlete, you must do this by the end of tomorrow (2/28).

If you have any questions you can fire them to Mark or Matt.


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