Sunday February 26 Mount Sunapee BWL race or Big Mountain Ski Day

Okay, so Sunday you have two choices (actually you have unlimited choices, but only two that involve Ford Sayre). You (Ford Sayre MRT racer) can race in the final BWL Qualifier Giant Slalom at Mount Sunapee (unless you were born in 2004),


you can join us to free ski with a group at Mount Sunapee (where they have GREAT snowmaking coverage and MANY more trails than the Skiway — plus 3 terrain parks).

So…if you are planning to race, bring USSA Cards etc…bring $39 for an entry fee. Register, and meet us outside the Spruce Lodge by 8:20am. Race day program is as usual. Parents of racers can buy race day tickets from group sales at Sunapee.

If you are not planning to race, but want to ski at Sunapee, pre-purchase your tickets (and tickets for your family) at our discounted group rate. Any MRT skiers (or Devo skiers) and their families are welcome to get in on the group ticket purchase deal. Go to the Ford Sayre online store.   Kid tickets are $30, Adults $54 (and teens are $42). You can use your credit card, and your ticket will be available from Mark Schiffman or Laura Perras in the Spruce Lodge at Sunapee between 8:45 and 9:00am on Sunday. We’ll meet to ski at 9am and ski until early afternoon. Ford Sayre discounted tickets must be bought by Saturday!!!!


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