Suicide Six Event Feb 25

Hi Everyone–

This is the first of multiple updates that will come fast and furious, but I wanted to break them up into separate messages. This is for anyone planning to attend the race at Suicide Six on Saturday. This is not a USSA race, so no cards are required. All MRT skiers have been entered and are welcome to come. Here are the details.

  • Registration – 8:15-9:00am located in the building to the right of the main chairlift as you are looking up the mountain.
  • Cost is $15 per racer (cash or check made out to “Woodstock Ski Runners”)
  • Sibling ticket is $30 and Parent tickets are $35, these tickets can be purchased at the regular ticket window you just need to let them know your racer’s name.  You don’t need to ski to be able to watch the race.
  • Meet outside in front of the lodge at 9am ready to ski.
  • 1st Run starts at 9:30am and second run will start shortly after the completion of the first run.  They will be running by bib order and the kids will run the same course twice. We’re not sure how quickly things will go, but kids will likely have at least a short break between runs, then should head back up for their second run.
  • They plan to have an awards ceremony 30-45 minutes after the completion of the 2nd run.

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